Success Stories

No Longer Frustrated


I was feeling frustrated and lost with multiple night wakings, short naps and not knowing how to cope with our current sleep situation. We felt supported and had a solid plan to put into place so we did not feel lost anymore! We were able to cope better when Maggie was waking at night and not napping well in the day. Kida helped us understand what was an appropriate amount of awake time in between naps and how long she should be napping for. The biggest change for Maggie was that she was able to self-soothe herself back to sleep without having us intervene!

~ Kim, Calgary

The Gift Of Sleep


Our family is so thankful for Kida’s guidance as we helped our daughter learn to sleep….  When you have 2 kids, life is way more complicated. We used a sleep consultant with our son at 7 months of age and it changed our lives. When our daughter, Willa, was born only 18 short months after our son, we were so thankful for his amazing sleep habits. Unfortunately for us, she proved to be much more of a handful! At 11 months old, she was still waking every 2 hours and wouldn’t settle unless being breastfed unless dad went to her. With him working shiftwork, I was on my own more nights than not, and we went into survival mode. I knew that she was using me as a sleep prop but any time we tried to break the habit, she became a banshee…  worried about waking our son, and knowing that I could settle her in minutes, we always went to her immediately even though we knew it wasn’t the right way to do things…  

With my return to work looming and my husband off for Christmas, we decided to fix the issue we had created and hired Kida to walk us through it! She was very understanding and compassionate as we explained the situation, and was very confident that Willa would be easier to train than we had anticipated. We went into the first night prepared for the worst, and were very pleasantly surprised! With Kida’s tips and guidance, Willa was sleeping through the night in a week, without us in the room!

Kida was also very flexible with the sleep plan and helped us adapted it to what worked for our family as things evolved. Willa’s naps don’t follow the recommended schedule but it works for us, and Kida helped us figure that out…  

We are so thankful to have 2 amazing sleepers now! Thank you Kida for giving us the gift of sleep!

~ Angie, Calgary

Highly Recommend

Restfulnightsleep program changed our lives by having our 11month old baby sleeping from 7 until the next morning. 

The program is not as aggressive as some of the other techniques that we had read about. The process was smooth and our little man is happy, full of energy and now we have time for ourselves in the evenings. 

Would highly recommend this to anyone! 

~ Mo, Calgary