My Sleep Approach

Healthy Sleep Habits Make for a Healthy, Happy Thriving Family

It is never to early or too late to get your child sleeping well.   Healthy sleep habits make for a well rested family.  Babies do not need to be trained to sleep, they have the natural capacity to do this.  Once they know boundaries and trust the routine they can use their own ability to go to sleep. 

Any Baby can be a Great Sleeper with:

  • A regular schedule
  • A caring parent
  • Clear family sleep habits
  • Consistency

We all Hate Crying.

It can sometimes be daunting thinking about putting your child down knowing that they are going to cry - but we can change that together.  The crying is usually short lived and is their way of protesting the disruption they are experiencing.  After a few short days into the Restful nights routine, your baby will begin to develop their own set of sleep skills and will become confident to sleep on their own.  I want to do everything I can to help minimize the crying and maximize your babies ability to self sooth.