Hi, I'm Kida Stevens.  A wife, sister, daughter, Paediatric Registered Nurse and mother to a beautiful little girl.  I love spending time with my family, being active and travelling.  

When I was expecting my daughter I had no idea what sleep training really meant.  When she was little I remember thinking I will never get snuggles like this again, 'I can hold her for just one more nap.' I soon realized I had created a terrible habit, and worse I was nursing her to sleep.  Having to get up every few hours to nurse her to get her back to sleep.  I started doing my research to figure out how I could change our sleep routine so we could all get a better night sleep.  

I was amazed how helpful this was for our family and I realized I wanted to share this knowledge and start helping others.

Teaching and helping others especially children comes naturally to me as I am a RN at the Alberta Children's Hospital, I love seeing families walk away happy and feeling better.   

I can't wait to meet you and start this journey of Restful Nights for you and your little one